About Us


"We are born to enjoy the great
game of life and extract and Create
Wealth, Beauty and Joya,
whatever happens today!"




At the entrance we’ll find the reception with the wardrobe and our shop corner,then going to the right there’s the hall. Everyone has their own position, to work comfy and orderly. In the left corner there is the tecnical zone with the visible Colour Desk, where we prepare our dyeings. At the other side we have a private room, as Hair Spa, used for making different kind of Hair reconstruction and beauty treatments, the bride hairstyles and the special
SHU UEMURA ceremonies. You can reserve this private room if you need more privacy.

The STAFF do their own communications with new WALKIE TALKIES, to increase speed by 80% and decrease the waiting time for our costumers, paying them more attention.

Our salon is also covered by a WIFI connection.

We are equipped by a large plant DESCALING AND SEWAGE water, which allows the hair and the scalp the best balance between lightness and shine.

The TEMPERATURE is constantly monitored to ensure a pleasant stay.

Technology and ultrasonic DISINFECTANTS NON-TOXIC spraying, offers protection from bacteria and viruses in our inside.

The LIGHTING, has been designed to give maximum optical fidelity to the natural hair color.

The AUDIO PLANT, united to a lot of nicest music tracks, creates an armonic music background, to kindly enjoy your stay.

We always use our hairbrushes and combs just for once, then its are washed and sterilized, like everything; from the towel to the capes and the gowns.

We also offer to our costumers a caffetteria service , so you can drink a coffee or a chocolate with cookies or taste our sandwiches from our kitchen.